Learning Centers

In listening to consortium district needs from the RVA, we noted a consistent theme over the past several years from our partners looking for better ways to support both full-time virtual students at home as well as the growing number of digital learners in our buildings. 

Learning Centers

Two years ago we piloted the “RVA Learning Centers” to help address these specific needs including:

  • A place where district students in our traditional buildings who are taking online course(s) can go to work on their coursework and get face-to-face assistance.

  • A place where district full-time virtual students could come into building for extra supports.

  • A place where district full-time virtual students, who were taking some classes in-building, could work on coursework without having to travel between home and school multiple times in a day.

  • A place were at-risk students wanting to go to full-time virtual could try RVA full-time but still have compulsory attendance in-building until able to demonstrate ability to handle the virtual world.

  • A place where district full-time virtual students who were on academic probation could be assigned to attend to bring grades up prior to being remanded.

  • A place where district families who maybe have never had their children in any of our buildings could be invited in a part-take in programming and supports.

After a successful pilot and launch, we are continuing this offering moving forward.  The Learning Center idea is built with “win-win-win” in mind. By having a local learning center: 

  • Districts can increase support and communication to their local families and students using digital learning options.

  • RVA credits dollars back and does all the necessary training for that support.

  • Increased options become available to help support the best interest of all of students and families in our districts.

Districts wanting to look into either opening or continuing a learning center should look here to read more and download the application.

Charlie Heckel
RVA Administrator

Athena Podolak