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Ropes Course

Ropes Course

Relationships are a vital part of personal growth and are at the origin of social and emotional development.

The power of relationship enables students to persevere in times of adversity, giving way to the true meaning of the “R” in RVA. Events in the RVA go far beyond a fun time; they cultivate new life-long friendships and promote discovery of self and others.

Throughout the year, the Rural Virtual Academy organizes group events that encourage students to come together to share interests, hone their skills, discover new talents, and make new friends.  This year is off to a strong start having already 85 scheduled events for students and their families to engage with one another. Here are some of the awesome opportunities we have for All Ages and Family Events as well as the High School Events. It is opportunities and interactions like these that continue to grow the culture of RVA in your community serving with the mission to foster the deep relationships that promote student success 

We are proud to continue serving these opportunities to strengthen the bridge that connects school to home and students to their achievements. Together everyone achieves more proving why time together during events is so valued.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video compilation of memories in the making during RVA Events will speak volumes.

RVA Events Video Compilation

Have a fantastic year forming the minds of our future leaders!

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Athena Podolak