Kicking Off the 2019-20 School Year

I hope that everyone is having a great start to the 2019-20 school year!  Here is some information to help our Consortium Districts understand RVA processes as we begin the new year.

Office Notes

Throughout the year, the RVA office will send out information to our consortium districts for reporting purposes.  As we look at the 3rd Friday count coming up soon, each of our consortium districts will be receiving a complete list of students enrolled in the RVA from their district.  Later this fall, the RVA office will also provide consortium districts with student schedules, state reporting codes, teachers, and teacher license numbers. Districts should enter this information into their Student Information System (SIS) in preparation for state reporting at the end of the year.  Also, at the end of each semester, the RVA Office will provide consortium districts with report cards so that grades can be entered into the SIS too.   

Here is a list of our RVA Office personnel:

Angie Juedes - Elementary Secretary (Grades PreK - 5) -

Sandy Pope - Middle School Secretary (Grades 6 - 8) -

Ember Roberts - High School Secretary (Grades 9 - 12) -

Susie Doberstein - Special Education & Pupil Services Secretary -

Jen Harris - Enrollment Coordinator & Administrative Assistance -

Jessica Sherfield - Technology Support & Administrative Assistant  -

Please don’t hesitate to call our office with questions. We are here to help!  Also, feel free to share with others in your district that may find this information beneficial.

Progress Checks

Progress Checks

Every three weeks in the RVA we have “Progress Checks” with our students where we formally review all RVA student grades.  The majority of our students are on-track and doing well at each of our Progress Checks. If we have any concerns though with failing grades, lack of progress, or communication, we will place the student on Academic Probation.  Academic Probation consists of sending a warning letter to the parents / guardians, calling to notify them of our concerns, outlining expectations, and putting supports in place to better help the student be successful. The student has three weeks to make adequate progress.  If they are unable to at this time, we can consider terminating their enrollment under the state statute “Pupil’s Failure to Participate,” which virtual schools are required to adhere to. We give students every chance to be successful that we can, but if the RVA is not a good fit for them, we do have an obligation to find a better schooling option of them in which they can be successful.  If a student is placed on Academic Probation, we also notify the Consortium District they are enrolled through so that they are aware and can help provide another layer of support. Many of our Consortium Districts have “Learning Centers” where we can require students to report to on a regular basis to provide the student with more structure and accountability.

Athena Podolak