Grade 6-12 Student Experience with RVA

District Connect

Full-Time Virtual



  • Student works with local district to determine course needs and selection

  • District staff (counselor or classroom teacher) works with RVA to request enrollments

  • Family completes online enrollment through

  • RVA counselor creates student schedule and communicates with resident school counselor

  • Remains in resident school district student count

content delivery methods

  • Independent online with a local teacher overseeing or RVA/Network teacher overseeing

  • In a traditional classroom setting with a local teacher

  • Direct online instruction with RVA teachers

  • Independent online overseen by RVA/Network teachers

  • Consortium student schedule can include brick & mortar school course offerings (up to half)

accessing courses

Students utilize learning center as needed, if available in district 

Students use Genius and Buzz or Odysseyware to access courses as selected by student services staff

Student remains in consortium school under the oversight of local staff with staff serving as either a local teacher or local coach

Student attends virtual live instruction courses from home with a parent serving as their home mentor


Student and family report to consortium counselors or other support staff for course information, requests and support.

Student and family work with full-time virtual staff. Consortium staff are included in student/family communications including progress checks, academic probation, graduation requirements, etc.


  • District pays for access to the “virtual library of course offerings” and pays per course enrollment based on the content and delivery method selected

  • For families - FREE + $75 monthly internet reimbursement

  • District pays either affiliated or invested membership to be part of RVA