Get Blended.png

Thursday, April 25
9 AM-12 PM
in a virtual classroom

Are you looking for ways to blend in your classroom?

Have you started but need some inspiration and collaboration with other educators?

Join RVA's District Connect Crew for a lively morning of discussion and learning from the comfort of your own computer!

9:00 AM
Introductions and Overview of the Day
9:30 AM
Virtual Rotation Stations

Learn about blended by actually participating in a blended model - station rotation! Choose from a variety of topics and rotate through the stations on 15-minute intervals.

  • Topic 1 - Speak the Language - Terms & Model Overview

  • Topic 2 - Which Model is Best for Me?

  • Topic 3 - The WHY of Blended Learning

  • Topic 4 - Blended Classroom Management and Data

  • Topic 5 - Peer Support: Troubleshoot your Roadblocks 

10:15 AM
Transition and Reflection 
10:30 AM
Blended in Action - A Make and Take Training
This training will give instructors the time, space, and templates to help create actual lesson plans to implement blended learning into their classrooms. By the end of the session, participants will have created student-centered lesson plans to apply right away. The Blended in Action Make and Take Training offers educators the opportunity to plan alongside teammates for cross-curricular and subject area planning.
11:30 AM
Wrap-Up and Group Discussion