Graduation, State Testing, Report Cards, and Summer School

The summer season is almost upon us!  I hope that you are all enjoying all of the excitement of the end of the school year.  Here are a few important updates for you as we finish up 2018-19.

RVA Class of 2019 - Graduation

This year the RVA Class of 2019 will have 54 students graduating!  We are very excited for all of our graduates and are looking forward to the big day.  Of the students graduating, 18 of them are participating in a consortium district ceremony, 26 are walking in the RVA’s ceremony, and 10 have chosen not to be a part of any ceremony.

Regardless of which ceremony students are participating in, they will be receiving an RVA diploma, authorized by their resident district.  These diplomas have already been mailed to your district, along with a diploma cover, and should be handed out at graduation. We ask that students only earn one diploma, so they should not be getting one from the building high school too.

Wrapping Up State Testing - 2019

A huge thank you to all of the assessment coordinators for organizing and testing our shared RVA students.  We know that a lot of planning, time, and hard work goes into state testing and appreciate everyone’s efforts.  To wrap up state testing this year, we will need to mail results home to all students who tested. When the results are available this summer, they will be sent to each consortium district.  When you receive the results, your district can either mail a copy to the family or simply mail them all to the RVA Office and we will take care of mailing them out. If you choose to mail the results directly to the families, please be sure to mail a copy of the results to the RVA so that we can include it in the student’s cumulative file, as these are housed at the RVA.  As always, if you have state testing questions, please let me know.

Report Cards & Transcripts

High School: The last day of high school in the RVA in on Friday, May 31, 2019.  Following the last day of school, our office will be running report cards.  This information will be sent to you from our office so that each district can input the grades into your Student Information System for report and transcript purposes.  As consortium students follow local graduation requirements according to district policy, it’s important for our consortium schools to keep an updated transcript for the RVA students.  

Elementary/Middle School: Being that the RVA is a year-round school and students have throughout the summer to complete their grade level, our office prints report cards in batches as students finish up.  These will be sent out to our consortium districts throughout the summer. If you need current grades earlier for reporting purposes, please contact the RVA Office.

Summer School

We offer two types of summer school in the RVA - Credit Advancement and Credit Recovery.  

Credit Advancement Summer School allows high school students to earn up to 1 credit in order to get ahead.  This year we are offering 9 different courses that will run for 5 weeks each and have online, daily, live instruction.  These courses start on Monday, June 10, 2019.  

Credit Recovery Summer School allows for high school students to make up credits if they are credit deficient.  Students will be assigned to courses after report cards are printed and if they are found to not be on pace for graduation.  Theses courses start on Monday, June 17, 2019.  Students have until the end of July to complete these courses.

Thank you to everyone for a great school year.  Enjoy your summer! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t ever hesitate to contact me!

Athena Podolak